Product Code ETF13 ETF20 ETF25
Thickness 0.18mm 0.25mm 0.30mm
Width 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
Adhesive Endurance (to steel) 25N/100mm 44N/100mm 58N/100mm
Tape Endurance 400N/100mm 650N/100mme 950N/100mm
Heat Endurance -70-260˚C -70-260˚C -70-260˚C
Bearing None None None

Product Usage and Features: Self adhesive PTFE (Teflon) tapes helps to solve the problems that needs non-stickyness or high temperature endurance such as glass, fabrics, plastics, textile, food or electronics applications. Used to close the welding claws of packaging machines. This product group is available for different thicknesses and different dimensions.

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