Product Code EP10 EP20 EP30 EP38 EP50 EP51 EP52
Adhesive Natural Rubber Natural Rubber Natural Rubber Natural Rubber Modified Acrylic Modified Acrylic Modified Acrylic
Bearing PVC PVC PVC PVC Hard PE Foam Semi-Hard PE Foam Soft PE Foam
Color Transparent Transparent Transparent Transparent White White White
Protective Material Brown Crape Film White Crape Film Green Crape Film Silicone Based Havana Paper Embossed Film Embossed Film Embossed Film
Thickness 0,1 0,2 0,3 0,38 0,55 0,55 0,55
Stickiness (N/25mm) 14 15 17 20 16 16 16

Product Usage and Features: The products of this group are used as cliche mounting tape in flexo printing group. Product Specifications: No adhesive remains during dismantling. Does not curled during mounting due to its wavy protector. Eases the mounting with its transparent film structure. Can easily remove and paste during mounting. Protective material can easily be removed.

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