Product Code EB KB
Protective Material and Width (±0.005mm) PAPE / 12 mm
Protective Material and Thickness (±0.005mm) 0.025 mm
Bearing Material and Thickness PET
Adhesive Type Acrylic Resin
Glued Surface A&B (±0.005mm) 6 mm / 10 mm
Glued Surface Thickness A&B (±0.005mm) 0.03 mm / 0.012 mm
Peeling Strength A&B (N/25mm) 2.25 / 2.35
Dimensions 12 mm x 500 m
Package 10 Rolls x 500 m

Product Usage and Features: Doesn't include unhealthy metals. Heat resistance is between ≤ 70˚C and ≤ 5˚C. Used for sealing the cargo and single use security bags. It rips the bag when unsealing.

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