What We Do?


Machines in this group brings the packing tapes, masking tapes etc. from jumbo size to finished product size with the help of molds by transferring and molding at the same time. The products which can be sliced min. 12 mm width, may wrapped up to 1200 m depending their their types.


In order to slice the technical tapes, firstly they need to be transferred into desired lengths.This machine group transfers automatically many types of tapes which have different thickness to required length and tension values.Quality of this process affects directly cutting quality of technical tapes.


This machine group cuts roll directly without unsealing the adhesive tape by the help of rotary blade and shaft. This axe cutting machine can cut min. 3 mm. length with 0,1% lapse tolerance. We easily cut from all non-standard lengths above 3mm. by the way you can save time and money.


Printed packing tapes are preffered for its being a step of institutionalization process or for security reasons and production of it is one of major business lines of our firm. The machines which are operating in this group can print up to backround + 4 colors. We easily increase the visibility of your brand, slogan or warnings by our quick supply and print quality.

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