We can print tapes up to 5 colors with flexe printing technique. Choice of raw materials can vary according to need of cold or warm air endurance or break by hand. We do graphic and cliche works so our clients have their products by an easy and fast way. We have ensured customer satisfaction with our short delivery time and acceptable printing amounts.

Product Description Hotmelt Packing Tape Natural Rubber Packing Tape Acrylic Packing Tape
Adhesive Hotmelt Natural Rubber Acrylic
Bearing BOPP Film BOPP Film BOPP Film
Colors Transparent, White, Brown Transparent, White, Brown Transparent, White, Brown
Thickness 28 and 25 28 and 25 28 and 25
Stickiness (N/25 mm) 11 13 10
Heat Endurance 0˚C to 50˚C -20˚C to 80˚C -20˚C to 80˚C

Product Usage and Features: Used closing cardboard packages and packaging. Accordance with the terms of hot and cold storage, manually ripping or sticking to the surface filmic versions are available.

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